The Medox® Story

The Medox® story goes as far back as to the early 80`ties. A research team to investigate chemical structures and potential biological effects of Flavonoids was established at The University of Bergen, in Norway. After several years of intensive research, scientists had mapped out the main chemical structures and main sub groups (families) of about 4000 Flavonoids.
Among special chemical and biological interesting Flavonoid groups, the researchers found:
Flavanols(Quercitin…), Flavones(Lutein…), Flavanones(Myricitin…), Flavan-3-ols(Cathecines…), Isoflavones(Genistein...) and quite a few more.
However, one Flavonoid sub family, called Anthocyanins, proved to be significantly more biologic potential than most other families. These molecules are so interesting that the organic-chemical scientists can`t let go.
Extensive research effort is placed into mapping out the members of these extremely interesting chemical structures. The anthocyanins stand out from other biological active molecules, having a plus loading on the C-ring of the molecule structures.
During the years to follow from the early 90`ties, more than 500 different antocyanins are mapped out. As late as 2004, this number of different anthocyanins pointed out, are passing through 550. Today, (2007) close to 600 anthocianins are pointed out.

In the late 90`ties, the scientist of The University in Bergen, finds that the biological effects of a few anthocyanins does counteract cancer growth and spread, and seems to have a positive effect on AIDS patients. These effects are patented, but not followed up with the necessary economic means to be approved.

At this time the scientist in Bergen contacts Sjur Svaboe, the founder of the company behind the successful patented technology “Solid Phase Diffusion Essays”. This technology had been licensed to the Norwegian pharmaceutical company Nycomed, and was later to become a worldwide success as the NycoCard system. This is a Point of Care system.
NycoCard was introduced to the market in the early 1990's starting with the non-instrumental NycoCard CRP card-test, followed shortly thereafter by the NycoCard D-Dimer. HbA1c and U-Albumin concluded the range of planned NycoCard tests for the Point of Care market. During these years the NycoCard Reader was introduced satisfying requirements for the automatic reading of  NycoCard tests.

The Reader is a low-cost, portable Point of Care instrument designed for rapid and reliable measurements of NycoCard products. It has been installed in more than 24.000 medical offices all around the world.

Sjur Svaboe, together with thescientist from the University in Bergen, and some investors, forms the company Polyphenols Laboratories in 1998. ( Now being one of the companies in the Biolink Group).
The first task of the scientist employed in Polyphenols, was to establish the research and development activity in Polyphenols, extracting and supplying pure, single molecules to medical research in university and university hospitals all over the world. Today, Polyphenols delivers its pure single molecules, very often anthocyanins, to 42 different countries and to more than 30 states in USA.

In parallel with the R&D in Polyphenols, a research project was established to develop a professional nutrition supplement, that finally got its name “Medox®”. (Later, in an 80mg anthocyanin version, the product was given the name "Medox® Optimal").

The scientists in Biolink Group, had early become aware of the fact that some anthocyanin molecules were much more biologic active than most of the other ones. Two of these biologic very active molecules, carrying a so called “ortodihydroxyphenyl” structure on the B-ring of the molecule, became of special interest.

In order to make Medox® a completely unique and superior product, the raw material chosen for Medox® were bilberries and blackcurrant. A completely unique processing technology was invented and constructed. This technology is based on a high tech membrane, chroma-togrophy, Nitrogen process.

This completely unique process allowed Biolink group to make Medox® an absolute unique product, carrying a severe overrepresentation of the two anthocyanin molecules Cyanidin-3G and Delphinidin-3G.
This specific structure of the product, has proven to give the pharmaceutical scientist a vehicle to perform semi phase 0-I-II human studies, using the natural  Medox® product as a substitute for a mixture of Biolink Groups patented synthetic anthocyanin molecules BSC-3-G and BSD-3-G.

As opposed to bilberry pills made from cheep standard bilberry extracts, Medox® Optimal is characterized by:

  • Being clinical documented at international universities and university hospitals
  • Holding 80 mg of anthocynins
  • Holding mainly the two most biological efficient anthocyanin molecules
  • Being an absolute unique, patented (process) anthocyanin product
  • Being recommended by a large number of therapists, doctors and other health personnel
  • Carrying anthocyanins from both bilberries and blackcurrant
  • Having clinical documentation of being absorbed into plasma and cells while taken orally
  • Being recommended by the The Norwegian Heart and Lung Association in Norway
  • Being based on 20 years research in Flavonoids, Polyphenols and Anthocyanins

Medox® Optimal has since its market introduction in 2001 become a great success in its home country, Norway. The product shows a steady increasing market growth, and is expected to enter the international market in a strong way during 2008-210.