Based on its background of 25 years of research (including many years of professional biochemical research at the University of Bergen), the Biolink Group has developed an advanced technology providing the medical research market worldwide with single, pure anthocyanin and other polyphenol molecules for clinical, medical research. The chemical structure of anthocyanins is absolutely critical to its potential therapeutic effects in man.

The size of the anthocyanin molecules makes them able to penetrate cell walls and the blood-brain barrier. (Cyanidin 3 -Glucopyranoside: 484g /mol).

Since 2005, our scientists have clinically studied the penetration and metabolism of orally consumed anthocyanins (Medox®/MP865®). Finding anthocyanins and their metabolites in plasma and urine less than one hour after being swallowed, and in urine more than eight hours after being swallowed, is together with the size of the molecule, fundamental for the potential pharmaceutical applications.

In the period from 2000 to 2006, the Biolink Group has, as the only company in the world, synthesized and patented the two major anthocyanins Cyanidin 3-Glucopyranoside (BSC 3G) and Deplhinidin 3-Glucopyranoside (BSD 3G) and their main metabolites for pharmaceutical industrial applications. These molecules are 100% equal copies of the natural ones. Hence, they should be expected to be non-toxic.

As both of these two molecules retain the orthodihydroxy bindings on their B-ring, they have so far proven to be the two strongest biologically active molecules of the well-known family of anthocyanins. The industrial up-scaling of the synthetic Biolink Group anthocyanin molecules and their metabolites have been a significant challenge, but is steadily moving forwards.

Enlarging the process of synthetic molecules one billion times from mg to tons might at first appear to be an extremely challenging and difficult task. However, the number of steps in the synthesizing process has been reduced to an industrially feasible level, making up-scaling within a financially acceptable level, a realistic target.

In order to manufacture the high-quality, unique, professional dietary supplement Medox®, the Biolink Group has developed a patented, high-tech, membrane-chromatographic, nitrogen-based process. This extremely high-quality process is necessary to ensure that the anthocyanin product possesses all its health effects as an orally consumed product.

The patented Medox® process has given Biolink Group an important experience for the scale up process of the synthetic anthocyanin molecules.