The professional animal food supplement market

The professional animal food supplement has been created through research and development together with the vet-company Lifeline in Norway ( This company is based on cooperation with similar international companies sharing research results and know-how about nutrition for animals.

The Biolink Group manufactures two products for the vet-company Lifeline. These are “Maximun” and Medog”. Maximun is a product that strengthens the immune defence system.This product consists of anthocyanins from bilberries and blackcurrant. It also contains a special mixture of C-vitamins and polysaccharide complexes. The total mixture in Maximun helps “training and trimming” of the pet’s immune defence system. Maximun has been tested and is supported by professional vets. This product is sold only through veterinarians.

Medog is a product designed to protect the heart, the brain, mental functions and against problems related to aging. Medog consist of anthocyanins from bilberries and blackcurrant. The product is marketed through pet shops.

The huge international vet market

As the synthetic molecules, BSCyanidin and BSDelphinidin (including their metabolites) in the up-scaling process, are getting dramatic less expensive, compared to the natural ones, applications within the Veterinarian market are becoming an interesting reality. Potential applications for this market segment have already been the subject of clinical studies only waiting for an industrial, economic feasible, solution.

Including possible modifications of BSC, BSD and metabolites, the vet market is expected carrying a multibillion dollar potential.