Medox® is a unique product developed to fit into the coming, exploding, novel Nutraceutical market for products meeting the following definition:

“Any substance that may be considered a food or a part of food and at the same time provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease”.

Nutraceuticals must be based on scientific facts in order to succeed in the giant booming market between food and medicines. Nutraceuticals should ideally carry the safety of dietary supplements, and the efficiency of pharmaceuticals.

Medox® is such a product, well documented through free, medical, clinical studies since it entered the market in 2000. This provides Medox® with a significant future market advantage.

The market for Nutraceuticals, is based on the fact that the mean expected life time of human beings in the industrialized world is increasing with as much as up to one year for every fifth year. This fast growing number of elderly people, combined with exploding lifestyle health challenges, is putting an unsustainable burden on the western world’s health care systems.

The costs of health care, social fare and pensions are already on the way to outperform any planned and realistic budget in modern societies. Solving this challenge, only by implementing increasingly more hospitalized treatment and surgery capacity, is already a lost realistic economic and practical option

The only realistic solution to this challenge is health anti-aging prevention and counter acting. Improving health, counteracting early life style health problems, is not any more an option, but the only possible realistic answer to the exploding elderly economic burden.