MP865® is a patented anthocyanin complex. This product is processed in a way that results in a significant overrepresentation of the two most biological efficient anthocyanins, Cyanidin-3-Glucopyranoside and Delphinidin-3-Glucopyranoside.

In order to achieve this, a patented unique processing technology had to be designed and developed. The background that allowed us to fulfill this task, was 18 years of research in polyphenols and anthocyanins. The process requires an advanced membrane technology, chromatography technology, and a pure nitrogen processing environment.

To achieve the wanted structure of MP865®, it has shown feasible applying a special combination of  bilberries and blackcurrant as raw materials in the process.

MP865®, being a 100% natural anthocyanin product, is used as a substitute for the synthetic anthocyanin molecules in human clinic studies. Although, not being 100% equal to a mixture of the two most biologic anthocyanins that Biolink has syntheziced, we consider MP865® being close enough to give us a scientific valuable and economic feasible platform, in the long term research and development of medicines based on our patented synthetic anthocyanins (BSC-G and BSD-3G).

Besides its importance in our pharmaceutical development program, MP865® is the anthocyanin complex applied in our non pharmaceutical product, Medox® Optimal.