Medox® is not based on a standard berry extract. It is based on a high technological, patented process, developed by the Biolink Group. The whole process of Medox® is constructed to optimize on the few ortodihydroxy structured anthocyanins. These molecules are believed to carry the absolute highest biological potential among all anthocyanins.

The molecules in Medox® are found in bilberries and in blackcurrant. Both berry species are needed to give the unique biological structure and effect of Medox®.

Medox® is manly marketed through therapists and other health educated persons, and through pharmacies. The product is recommended by increasingly more doctors. Medox® is so far approved to be marketed in Norway, Sweden and USA(FDA).  Medox® is recommended by the hearth and lung associations in both Norway and Sweden. It has been on the market since 2001, without documenting any possible side effects.