The main pillar of business in the consumer market is the clinically well documented, and in the domestic market, well established professional dietary supplement product, Medox®. The product has a patented process, is developed and processed in Biolink Group`s laboratories and processed in a patented plant in Norway.

Since its launch on the market in 2000, this product has shown steadily increasing acceptance and strong growth in the Norwegian consumer market.

MEDOX® is very well respected among medical researchers, doctors and other competent health related professionals. MEDOX® has turned out to be a fast growing cash cow for the Biolink Group.

MEDOX® is manly marketed through therapists and other health educated persons, and through pharmacies. The product is recommended by increasingly more doctors.

MEDOX® is recommended by the heart and lung associations in Norway. It has been on the market since 2000, without documenting any possible side effects.