These are drugs under development, aimed at:

  • Chronic Inflammation; A worldwide multi-billion dollar drug market, suffering from drugs most of which have unacceptable, heavy side effects
  • Cardiovascular & Hypertension; A worldwide multi-billion dollar market, suffering from many drugs with unwanted, significant side effects
  • Cancer Inhibition; A multi-billion dollar market, suffering from partly ineffective, drugs with complicated, unwanted side effects

Anthocyanins are known to be non-toxic. Potentially this can give a shorter lead time to the market for drugs based on molecules synthesized as 100% equal copies of the natural ones.

Millions of Medox® anthocyanin capsules(MP865®) have been consumed since its release on the market in 2001, without any significant side effects being registered.

Further manipulation of the synthetic anthocyanin molecules and their metabolites might result in significant medical improvements. However, this might also entail new side effects, demanding costly toxic test programs.