Since 1998 the Biolink Group has provided high-quality, pure, natural molecules to clinical medical research all over the world. The company’s anthocyanins have become a standard for this type of molecule. The Biolink Group supplies research molecules to universities, hospitals and biotech companies in 42 countries and more than 30 states in the US. The key to
the company’s success is quality, quality and once again, quality.

By virtue of this long-term relationship with the international research community, the Biolink Group has become a world leader on anthocyanins and other polyphenols used in pharmaceutical research.

The size of anthocyanins enables them able to penetrate cell walls and the blood-brain barrier. (Cyanidin-3ß-Glucopyranoside: 484gfl /mol=484/6x10).

Since 2005, our scientists have clinically studied the penetration and metabolization of orally administered anthocyanins (Medox®/MP865®). Alongside the size of the molecule, finding anthocyanins and their metabolites in plasma and urine less than one hour after being swallowed and in urine more than eight hours after being swallowed is fundamental for the
potential pharmaceutical applications.

Clinic studies on the syntheziced molecules BSC3G and BSD3G and on the professional nutrition supplements are taken place in universities and university hospitals in Norway, EU, Asia and USA.