Chairman of the board and cofounder in Biolink Group, Sjur Svaboe, is the owner of the industrial greenhouse, Hanabryggene Technology Center that has been in operation since 1984.  In this greenhouse, about 25 companies have been established, manly within IT and biotechnology.

Sjur Svaboe is founder, and main owner of Norwegian Biotech, the company that in the late 80`ties invented and patented the technology behind the Point of Care  NycoCard System. The " Solid Phase Diffusion Essayes" technology was developed in a team of international recruited researchers, among who were Dr. Eric H. Cerny from Switzerland and Professor Ørjan Olsvik at the University of Tromsø, Norway. This technology was out-licensed to NycoMed, and later to Axis Shield.

NycoCard is an established technology. NycoCard readers are now, according to Axis Shield,  installed in more than 24.000 medical offices around the world. The system has during the years accumulated sales of billions of NOK.                                                     

NycoCard was introduced to the market in the early 1990's starting with the non-instrumental NycoCard CRP card-test, followed shortly thereafter by the NycoCard D-Dimer. HbA1c and U-Albumin concluded the range of planned NycoCard tests for the Point of Care market. During these years the NycoCard Reader was introduced satisfying requirements for the automatic reading of NycoCard tests.

The Reader is a low-cost, portable Point of Care instrument designed for rapid and reliable measurements of NycoCard products.