Multiple Sensational Strong Health Promoting Effects of Medox®

Studies substantiating sensational health promoting effects of Medox® have been published in different international recognized nutrition- and medical journals, including such as:

  • ”The Journal of Nutrition”, USA-2007, Chronic Inflammation
  • ”The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, USA-2007, Vascular Diseases, Cholesterol, CETP
  • ”Clinical Chemistry”, USA-2011, Vascular Diseases
  • ”Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology”, USA-2007, Chronic Inflammation
  • ”The Journal of Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology”, USA-2004, Cancer
  • ”The Journal of Lipid Research”, USA-2011, Diabetes
  • “Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry”, USA-2011, Vascular Diseases
  • ”Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases”, USA- 2012, Inflammation, Hypercholesterol

Medical researchers studying Medox® have reached some very important and sensational conclusions:
1. Medox® lowers chronic inflammation, to which 90 % of chronic diseases are related; Concludes the medical researchers: “ Medox® may have a role in the prevention or treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases”.

2. Medox® lowers LDL cholesterol (13,6 %) and elevate HDL cholesterol (13,7 %); Concludes the medical researchers: “ Medox® would most likely result in a near 30 % reduction in coronary heart diseases”.

3. Medox® impede the growth and spread of cancer cells; Concludes the medical researchers: “ Medox® does clearly impede growth and spread of the tumors”.

4. One of the Medox® key molecules, C3-G counteract diabetes; Concludes the medical researchers: “Our findings reveal a novel mechanism by which anthocyanin regulates lipogenesis and thereby inhibits hepatic steatosis, suggesting its potential therapeutic application in diabetes and related steatotic liver diseases”.

5. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health in USA, in 2012 published a giant study on the effects of blueberry consummation over a long time. The study included all together a follow up of 200.000 people over a period of 24 years; Concludes the medical researchers: “ People consuming blueberries(anthocyanins) over time had 23 % less chance of developing diabetes”.