Our vision: «Biolink Group will deliver innovative health-promoting products, based on natural and synthetic anthocyanins, scientific clinical documented– developed in order to assist improving public health”.

The company’s goal is going to be achieved by developing nutraceutical and other health promoting products based on natural- and its synthesized, process patented anthocyanin molecules. Developed products will be continuously scientific documented by clinical studies.

Biolink Group`s professional dietary supplement will be marketed through dealer partnerships in the international market. Domestic it will be promoted by medical therapists, doctors and other health professional people. The clinical documented professional food supplement Medox, has already become a fast growing “cash cow” for the group.

Biolink Group supplies pure natural anthocyanin molecules and other polyphenols to 600 medical and biotechnological research hospitals and research organizations in more than 40 countries around the world and to more than 30 states in US. This is an important fundament in the company’s own research and development program.