Many years of world-leading, high-quality research, documenting a majority of the health related flavonoids (about 4000 known as of yet), had established the anthocyanin family of 539 members as a superior potentially biologically active family.

Anthocyanins possess a vast number of potential biological and medical effects. A very few members of this great family of molecules carry a chemical structure called Ortho-dihydroxyphenyl bindings (B-ring), which makes them extremely potent as remedies in pharmaceutical applications. These few molecules have been the subjects of active clinical medical research since the formation of the Biolink Group in late 1998.

The two most interesting molecules from a medical point of view are small molecules called Cyanidin 3G and Delphinidin 3G. These molecules, their metabolites and other anthocyanin related small molecules, have been synthesized by the Biolink Group for drug discovery under the names BSC 3G, BSD 3G and other.